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Anxiety. What is it? An illness, a figment of your imagination or something else entirely?

Twenty years ago I was told I had a generalised anxiety disorder. I was given pills and advice about how to handle anxiety when it came on. I asked questions about my ‘illness’ like many do.  I learned about adrenalin, fight, flight and survival mechanisms, physiological responses, the mind, brain chemistry and biology.

In spite of all my questions and research, I didn’t learn how high anxiety developed or why and the fact is, if you can’t answer these fundamental questions, you have no way of finding a permanent solution.

When I discovered the native American Way, I found a non-medical anxiety manual that changed everything. Suddenly, there were answers…

What was anxiety? Fear of fear itself.

How did I develop it? Frightening experiences that had slowly overloaded my emotional system.

Was I ill? No, I was suffering the side effects of carrying too much fear.

Could I be free of anxiety on a permanent basis? Yes, by finding out what had frightened me, and why, and working through it.

Fear is what anxiety sufferers fear the most. Face your fear in conversation with me and using the native American anxiety manual, you can be free from high anxiety on a permanent basis. 

Helen Wingstedt