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  ‘Hell on Earth’. If you’re depressed, chronically grieving or in torment you’ll know what it means.

If you haven’t experienced it, it’s very difficult to describe and even harder to understand. What qualifies me to? Decades of personal experience and achieving recovery, the Native American Way.

Although ‘talking’ about mental health is a step in the right direction, if you’re living in mental hell you’ll know that talking about it doesn’t change it and in fact, can even make it worse.

Mental hell isn’t something that can be over-ridden with positive thinking or mantras. It can’t be healed with kind words or soothed away with massage.

It can’t be coached out through re-programming, it can’t be talked away with therapy and you can’t ‘learn’ techniques that will free you from it on a permanent basis.  

Good intentions and generalised approaches don’t change anything when you’re living in mental hell. What stands in the way of people getting better?

Blind belief in medical science, the need for a quick fix and unwillingness to put the time into solving your own problem are the three main contenders.

As bad as mental hell is, for many people, the thought of confronting your demons is even worse. Ultimately, it IS a matter of choice and hard work to recover but recovery is possible if recovery is what you really want.

Helen Wingstedt