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I know what it’s like to live in hell on a 24/7 basis. Psychological torment, mental torture, emotional pain, over-whelming fear and panic, worry that never leaves… even when you sleep. 

‘Hell on Earth’ is a phrase that describes the negative, inner states some people live with. In the modern world we refer to this as ‘mental health’ and urge people to talk about it. Although being more aware and ‘talking’ about it is a step in the right direction, those living in personal hell know that talking doesn’t free you from personal demons and inner hell. 

Internal hell on Earth isn’t something that can be over-ridden with positive thinking or mantras. It can’t be healed with kind words or soothed away with massage. It can’t be coached out through re-programming, it can’t be talked away with therapy and you can’t ‘learn’ techniques that make it go away. I know from experience.

Good intentions and generalised approaches don’t change these negative, internal states, they don’t make people BETTER and I can assure you, BETTER is what they want to be. What stands in the way of people getting better?…

1. Blind belief in medical science, conditioned skepticism and the need for a pill-popping quick fix

 2. Cynicism and anger when you’ve “tried everything” and been let down by scammers, over-selling and false promises

3. Fear of finding someone capable of helping you get BETTER because it means confronting your personal demons.

I know what it feels like to live in internal hell. I understand the mental and physical side effects that long term negative states create. I recognise how frightening it can be to face your demons. I have EXPERIENCED the freedom, calm and the peace you feel in your mind, heart and soul when you finally kick your demons into touch; the way it feels when you’re finally free and have no more need to hide.

When negative, internal states turn your life upside down and threaten your future, defeating personal demons is the best route through. When you’re ready, having done so myself, I’m here to confront them with you.


Helen Wingstedt