Fear is Energy. Together with Energies such as anger and love, it forms part of an internal operating system that enables us to express ourselves.

When the Energy of Fear is ‘clean’ it works perfectly. It keeps us safe and out of danger and drives us to ‘save’ or ‘rescue’ others when they’re in peril.

When the Energy of Fear is Unhealthy, it’s no longer clean and has a negative affect on mind, body and behaviour.

When Fear is Unhealthy we experience side effects that we describe as high anxiety, panic attack, phobia, stage-fright, lack of confidence and so on.

Get the Energy of Fear working the way it was designed to and the side effects fade away. What you’re left with is Healthy Fear that will support you through life.

To make a friend of fear, the Native American Way and reduce or even eliminate high anxiety and panic altother, please get in touch.


Helen Wingstedt



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