Have you ever asked a doctor or scientist to explain the difference between the mind and the brain? Have you ever wondered where the mind is ‘seated’ or what it actually does? Have you wondered why we use two words to describe what most people assume is the same thing?

Modern people have a scientifically derived, medical template for the human body and how it functions. Native American culture has a SECOND template for the same thing and it’s this template that makes outstanding positive change and healing possible.

The Native American Energy template isn’t one that someone ‘made up’ based on their opinions, personal experience and financial agenda. It’s one that the culture developed over HUNDREDS of years; each generation adding to the knowledge, wisdom and technical skills of the last.

Because the medical template for understanding ourselves is ‘matter’ based, it restricts us to working with tissue. Because the second, Native American template is Energy based, it is non-restrictive and allows you to work beyond tissue. 

The thing that bothered me most about all the modern approaches I tried, on my route to recovery, was the hit or miss nature which inevitably cost me time and money.  I was told things like, “it doesn’t work for everyone” or “you have to follow the advice for it to work”; it bothered me.

Placing the onus for change on the person who has the problem was to me, a cop out. If an approach works it’s because the advice and approach was amazing. If it doesn’t do the job it’s because the client didn’t try hard enough or failed in some way. Undermining someone with a problem and eroding more of their confidence simply didn’t sit.

I started to notice that brilliant, blindingly obvious advice was thrown about like confetti. That book covers and authors changed but fundamentally, the advice was exactly the same whilst being sold as the latest ‘new’ thing.

For example, I’ve never met anyone with negative thoughts who didn’t know they needed to ‘think positively’. I’ve never met a depressed person who didn’t want to be cheery on a daily basis. I’ve never met anyone who prefers anger and aggression over inner calm and contentment. I’ve never met anyone who prefers to manage their life around panic attacks rather than to be free of them altogether.

The fact is, most people KNOW what they need to do and how they want to be. They don’t need advice they need to know how change is achieved and why it’s not.

Telling and advising are big business in the modern world but in my view, most people don’t need to be told and they don’t need advice. What they need are logical, rational EXPLANATIONS; they need to know WHY; when you know WHY you find out HOW change is achieved:

WHY can’t negative thoughts be switched off? WHY are energy levels impossible to sustain when you eat, sleep and exercise well? WHY can’t you haul yourself out of depression when you know you have a luxurious life others would kill for? WHY do mental and physical side effects kick back in a few days after you leave the spa or holiday destination? Why do you sabotage yourself and end up a loser in life?

Understand WHY, and when you work the Native American Way, you find out HOW change is achieved. Not some of the time but all of the time. 


Helen Wingstedt

Healthy Energy Practitioner



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