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Heal. Transform. Succeed.

If you’ve tried to improve health, wellbeing and effectiveness the modern way, you’ll know how hard it is and how long it takes, to achieve minor change. You’ll also be aware that the onus is placed on YOU to put ‘advice’ into practice and make it work.

Native American Journeys offer an alternative. A way to create positive, long lasting change in only 90 minutes.

In the modern world, Native American Journeys are a ground-breaking, breath of fresh air. They provide the personalised, metaphysical framework of reference you need to achieve the kind of change you’re looking for, and have so far, failed to find.


How will YOU benefit?

Native American Journeys allow you to change your Mindset and RESET yourself in REAL-TIME:

Book Journeys to resolve:


  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Nerves, stage-fright
  • Over-reactive anger, conflict
  • Hyper-sensitivity, tearing up
  • Rolling over, backing down
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Problems winding down

Book Journeys to enhance:


  • Decision making, organising
  • Stress coping, pressure
  • Communication, assertiveness
  • Managing people and teams
  • Presenting, influencing, selling
  • Thought, thinking, focus
  • Vision, planning, strategy
  • Creativity, actioning ideas
  • Sexuality, self-belief
  • Positivity, confidence
  • Emotional stability, calm
  • Energy, drive, motivation
  • Empowered projection

Make Dreams Come True

What can you book?

There are 4 Journeys available:

  • Eight Journeys over 8 weeks.
  • Nine Journeys, over 3 days, on a residential basis.
  • An introductory, 2.5 hour Journey¬†
  • Extended Journeys to overhaul yourself and your life

Journeys take 90 minutes. Courses and Retreats are Guaranteed (terms and conditions on enquiry).

Will it suit you?

I generally work with successful, pro-active people. Clients include entrepreneurs, pioneers, business owners, career professionals, creatives, people in the performing arts and people experiencing the side effects of a high profile or celebrity lifestyle.

I also work with people who’ve retired in maturity, or following a short sporting career, who aren’t ready to throw in the towel. People who need to break from the past in order to start afresh.

The nature of RESETTING means I work exclusively with no more than six people at a time on a 121 basis. This sometimes means there’s a short wait before commencing.


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