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Case Study

Knee surgery, at the age of 14, had left Rhian Jones with scars (see below), chronic pain and the need for pain killers. Rhian was embarrassed by her scars and was dealing with body dysmorphia; self-belief, confidence and esteem were virtually non-existent. By the time she met Helen, aged 29, she had also developed high anxiety and depression.  

The intelligent daughter of medical professionals, Rhian had “tried everything”. She was struggling to work part-time as a cleaner and stress put her in a spin that lasted days. 

What Rhian Did

Between 2012 and 2019, Rhian completed multiple Courses and a bespoke, breakthrough Retreat in Spain.

As a result, Rhian eliminated chronic pain, increased stress tolerance, restored self-esteem and self-belief, defeated high anxiety, took control of anger and re-built her confidence. By 2019 she was depression free.

Today, Rhian works full-time as a Construction Site Manager. She is able to make decisions, manage time, assert herself, socialise and take stress in her stride. She has no need for pain killers or stress relief.

In that time, Rhian has also qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist. She is two years into an osteopathic degree and building a physical therapies practice alongside her full-time job.

Rhian is healthy, successful and comfortable in her own skin. She is an outstanding example of what happens when you Create Positive Change, the Native American Way.


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