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Rhian Jones

Rhian has a medical background. Her father was a doctor, mother a dentist and brother a surgeon. Rhian has qualifications in complementary therapies and sports therapy massage. She is two years into an osteopathic degree. She is well acquainted with modern mental health beliefs and scientific approaches.

When I first met Rhian in 2009, she was suffering with depression, high anxiety, panic attacks, poor self image, low self esteem and physical pain. She had been involved with drugs and alcohol and by her own admission, was at her lowest point and suicidal when I met her.

Rhian saw improvements immediately and decided to continue over an extended period. Today, she is unrecognisable from the person I first met ten years ago.




“I believe in myself… it’s just the beginning”

“My Spanish Retreat was really life changing. I was totally out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did it because I went home my fear had gone! I’m a new woman thanks to Helen helping me breakthrough so many difficulties and achieve so many things. Helen showed me what I am really capable of doing and this is only just the beginning. I finally believe in myself and have found that I CAN cope with different situations, the unexpected and solve problems as they come up – something I could never do as any amount of stress would put me in a spin!

Changing my view points and perspectives, in what seemed to be the tiniest of ways, had a massive affect. Being able to wear shorts and bare my legs with confidence when I’d kept them covered, the majority of the time since I was 14, was the icing on the cake; now I don’t even think about the scars and my knee pain has completely gone!”

Rhian Jones, Retreat 2016

Rhian is happy to be contacted directly to corroborate her testimonial and to talk with you about her experience. Call her on: 07923 699041 to further your enquiry.