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Psychic Consultations provide insight, answers and an eagle eye view of any situation you’re dealing with. Consultations will help you navigate stormy waters, prepare for big events and focus your mind on a positive outcome.

“My dad had been in and out of hospital and had developed an open leg sore wound that ran down most of his lower leg. In spite of all the best efforts of the hospital staff, the doctors and nurses over a 6 month period nothing was making any difference. They’d tried dressings, creams, antibiotics the lot.

The doctors had run out of ideas. It was really upsetting as the reason he was in there was bad enough, he had Parkinson’s disease. So I booked an appointment with Helen to ask if she could help.

The next day to my amazement it was actually looking much better. Even though I’ve seen Helen work wonders with people and animals before, I still thought maybe it was wishful thinking. It wasn’t, in about 3 days it was virtually healed and it went on to clear up completely and didn’t return.

The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe it. I have no idea how Helen does what she does and personally, I don’t care. Talking about this today it is still totally amazing to me. Despite all I know Helen is capable of, that literally was the closest thing to a miracle I have ever seen”.

Roz Woodward, All Things Image 2008


Psychic Consultations take place at the Natural Positivity Centre in Llantwit Major, South Wales.


60 minutes – £150

90 minutes – £195




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