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Tired? Anxious? Stressed out? In need of relaxation, inspiration, regeneration, direction and purpose?

Sunbeam Retreats are the ultimate life change opportunity. Why? because unlike other Retreats, the positive, personal changes you experience stay with you, rather than fading away upon your return home.

De-stressing you from the INSIDE out, Sunbeam Retreats will leave you feeling lighter, clearer, calmer and more energised than you’ve been in years. 

What’s Available?

  • Personalised, 121 Retreats in Llantwit Major and Spain – please enquire
  • Group Retreats in the UK and Spain – subscribe for 2019/20 details

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Read All About It

A professional, single woman who longed for the confidence to travel alone, Rhian signed up for the Sunbeam Retreat and never looked back… 

Committed to breaking through gender stereo-typing, negative conditioning, inhibitions, fear and anxiety, Rhian arrived in Spain up for the challenge and ready for action…

Fun, fresh air, great food and freedom were on the menu for Rhian who dived into the transformation process from day one… 

Rhian started to understand WHY life had been hard. Recognising the reality she resolved conflict, healed pain, shed negativity, banished anxiety and conquered fear…

With the sun setting on Rhian’s past, thought turned to the future. With energy and enthusiasm rising it was clear metamorphosis had occurred…

Feeling lighter, clearer, positive, more assertive and with confidence brimming, Rhian hired a car to drive around Spain before flying home with the world as her oyster.

“I believe in myself… it’s just the beginning” 

“The Retreat was really life changing for me. I was totally out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did it and am so grateful to Helen for all the time and effort she put in to helping me become aware of myself, break down so many difficulties and achieve so many things. Helen showed me what I am really capable of doing and this is only just the beginning. I finally believe in myself and have found that I CAN cope with different situations, the unexpected and solve problems as they come up – something I could never do as any amount of stress would put me in a spin!

Changing my view points and perspectives, in what seemed to be the tiniest of ways, had a massive affect. Being able to wear shorts and bare my legs with confidence when I’d kept them covered, the majority of the time since I was 14, was the icing on the cake; now I don’t even think about the scars and my knee pain has completely gone!”

Rhian Jones, Sunbeam Retreat, 2016