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At around the age of 35, many highly capable, successful people suddenly find they’re not as effective as they were. Perhaps it’s happening to you?  Stress gets harder to cope with. Niggling difficulties show up and won’t go away. You’re not ill but you’re not 100% either. The Way not only helps you understand what’s happening and why but it provides you with a solution that gets you back in tip top shape fast.

The Way to Wellness is a Quest; you will experience: 

Inner calm and emotional stability increasing
Anxiety, fear and anger dropping to normal 
Sleep, rest and relaxation improving
Self confidence and esteem rising
Speaking up without fear or paranoia
Mind chatter and negativity ending
Stress no longer stressing you out

These are literally just a few of the improvements clients experience and often, in only a few hours. Despite the vast evidence to the contrary, most people refuse to believe this kind of ‘miraculous’ change is impossible. They lose the opportunity to be free from problems and get more out of life as a result. Choose one of the following to start feeling, thinking, emoting, speaking and Being better:

5 Day Quest

An intensive residential Quest in the form of a personal Retreat. Please enquire to learn more.

4 Week Quest

Get your Quest for change underway with a short course of 4 x 90 minute sessions. A short course can help in many respects including losing the people and pets you love.

12 Week Quest

Take your Quest to the next level with 12 x 90 minute sessions and telephone support to keep the process of change moving along

12 Month Quest

Reach for the sky with a Premier Quest. Totally bespoke to take you further, faster, please apply for one, of only two places available per year.

Payment details

Payment is required in full, by bank transfer, no later than 28 days prior to commencement. To book, to confirm availability and for full terms and conditions, please get in touch. Quests take place in Llantwit Major, unless otherwise arranged.

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