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Is there more to life than this? Is there more to you than skin and bone? 

As someone who’s been ‘tuning-in’ to people and animals since the age of five I know there’s far more to people and animals than meets the eye. 

Having this ability and having spent my life developing it has provided me insights and perspective on life that has changed my life as well as the lives of others.

Meta-physical Beings living in Physical shells, we enter these shells at birth and leave them behind at the end point of life but what does tis have to do with wellness?

As a Meta-Physical Being inhabiting a Physical Shell there’s far more to you than flesh, skin and bone which means there’s more to wellness than physicality alone.

 When people feel unwell they treat the body because they’re unaware there’s anything else to treat. They can’t see the Metaphysical Being and so, to them, it doesn’t exist.

As a Metaphysician, I sense, see, connect to and work with the Metaphysical Being you are, not the physical shell you imagine your Self to be.

The power of people isn’t the physical tissue that makes up the Shell, it’s the Metaphysical Being inhabiting the shell; the powerful, energetic presence sitting below the surface that makes its presence felt through dreams, the mind, emotions and feelings.

Metaphysical work, works profoundly. By  connecting you to and making you more aware of your true Self it heals, empowers and enhances every aspect of mental and emotional function to the point where perceived ‘mental health’ issues fade away. I’ve witnessed this happen time and again, hundreds of times and it’s an incredible thing to behold.

Mental health awareness week shouldn’t be a social opportunity but that’s what it’s become. It should be an opportunity for change, a week where people become aware of what the words ‘mental health’ actually mean, the reasons why mental health issues develop and what you can do to free your Self of them on a lasting basis.

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Helen Wingstedt