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It’s mental health awareness week and it’s good to talk about it, so on that basis… I will, from a different position.

Have you ever noticed, that when professionals start talking about the Mind, sooner or later they stop and start talking about the brain and chemistry like they’re the same? Have you ever asked them to explain why they’re doing this and to explain what the difference is? Have you ever asked them what stress actually is? Not what it does or the side effects it has but what it is, in itself? Have you ever wondered how you can be an expert when you can’t answer basic questions like these?

Anyone with a mental health issue who is actively trying to sort themselves out will find out, sooner or later and probably at vast cost that modern approaches don’t restore your mental health or free you from the physical side effects. You’d think people would go looking for alternatives but the sad fact is most don’t. Why?

First, you have to understand that people are medically conditioned from birth and that conditioning is extremely powerful. People have original thinking and independence drilled out and opinion stuffed in. Add to that the fear of questioning, confronting or disagreeing with authority figures and you start to understand why.

Nadiya Hussain, Bake Off Champion was on television recently in a documentary detailing her fight with anxiety and panic. Part way through, she expressed this point to her therapist and he dismissed it, closed down the conversation and carried on regardless with her concerns unaddressed.

Generally speaking, people who work in the ‘medical’ world don’t take kindly to being questioned about what they’re telling you and EXPECT you to buy into. The thing to remember, however, is that THEY ARE NOT YOU.  They don’t have to live with what YOU have to live with and if they’ve never had to live with anything similar, they have NO IDEA.

Ultimately, they are not you and they’re not living your life. It’s your body, your health, your life and most importantly, your decision and your FUTURE. YOU need to take care of it and if that means pissing a few people off by asking questions so be it! Ask away and expect them, as the expert, to answer in ways you understand. If they can’t do that it’s not because you’re an idiot it’s because the so called ‘facts’ don’t add up.

We need to be aware and we need to talk about the problem but a BIG part of the problem is the medical establishment and the strangle-hold they have on people’s minds. It’s highly controlling, dangerous for future generations and yet something most people don’t stop to consider.

Your future is way more important than someone else’s certified opinion about what’s best for you. Start asking questions, keep asking and keep digging until you’re satisfied they’ve got the right answers. Hang on, modern approaches don’t work… so we already know they don’t have the right answers. What they do have is a lot of information and information doesn’t make you knowledgable or skilled.

If you’re a working professional who’s dealing with a wellness issue of any kind, the reality is you’re probably reluctant to talk about it, especially if you’re a tough guy; one of the reasons is that talking about ‘it’ doesn’t change ‘it’. Men are problem solving oriented in ways women aren’t. If they recognise there’s a problem they want to solve the problem not sit around talking about the problem. From that perspective, if they can’t solve the problem then what’s the point? Many ‘tough’ guys can’t see the point of revealing a perceived weakness when they can’t do anything about it. What follows is shut down and that’s not a good idea.

The Native American Way offers the modern world a fresh perspective on medicalisation and the medical opinions people buy into as facts that simply aren’t. Logical, common sense based and proven, the Native American Way works, works fast and works for all.

This week is mental health awareness week but I ask you, what is it that we REALLY need to talk about to bring about positive change? What do we ACTUALLY need to be aware of? In my experience it’s that we, as a society, are barking up the wrong tree. The entire debate around mental health and awareness needs to change and unless it does, you can expect more people to buy into the idea of mental illness whether they’re actually unwell or not.

It’s not positive for them, it’s not positive for their families and it’s not positive for the employer. Where it IS popular is with the medical industry, scientific fraternity and anywhere else that stands to financially benefit from beating the same, tired old drum.

Question authority and who dares wins. Will you?

Helen Wingstedt