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About Helen Wingstedt

Natural Ability and Aptitude

Helen’s ‘gift’ is one that clients have remarked upon for the last twenty plus years.

A gift that enables her to instigate positive changes of thinking, feeling and being in others, it is one that can’t be taught, learned or developed.

The positive changes Helen instigates are instant and noticeable. Because changes are core deep rather than relief, belief or learning based, they last indefinitely.

Study, Training and Practice

Helen’s interest in health, wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, psychology, behaviour, communication and performance started in her early years. This interest was driven by her natural, intuitive healing abilities and connection with animals.

Wanting to understand her abilities better, Helen committed herself to understanding what makes people and animals ‘tick’.

Despite decades of mainstream study, qualification and practice in the health and fitness arena, it wasn’t until finding the Native American Way, that Helen’s questions were finally answered and everything started to fall into place.

Native American Mastery

Helen recognised the Native American Way as unique. The framework for healing and transformation that the modern, mainstream world was lacking. 

Helen subsequently embarked on an arduous, 15 year training programme to learn and master the Native American Way.  This programme is available by invitation only on a mentoring basis. It can not be bought off the shelf and does not appear anywhere on the internet or in print.

Helen is one of the few outside Indian culture to to have received and completed this training. The evidence of her Mastery can be seen in the logical, strategic way she works to deliver results.


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