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Helen Wingstedt



Master of the Healing Arts

Metaphysical Teacher

About Helen

Helen Wingstedt is a well travelled, 55 year old, welsh born, animal lover who lives in the coastal town of Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

Helen has extreme sensitivity to the mental, emotional, physical and psychological states of others. She has an advanced psychic, intuitive, metaphysical skill set that enables her to connect in ways that other people can not; ways that can neither be learned nor taught.

Passionate about health, wellbeing and fitness Helen spent many years studying anatomy and physiology, nutrition, psychology, social sciences, verbal/non-verbal communication and human and animal behaviour to understand physicality on every level.

Qualification as a personal trainer, aerobics instructor and as an equine iridologist added to Helen’s knowledge base. Six years running an international organisation teaching people to connect with themselves by learning the art of horse whispering and another 12 years immersed in the Native American Way Journey, served to advance Helen even further.

A Master of the Healing arts, Helen works on the basis of results; many of which have been reported on in local and national press.

Helen maintains an exclusive portfolio of clients and works with only a handful of people at a time. To book or to enquire for yourself or your pets, please get in touch.

Awards shortlist, 2014

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