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Helen Wingstedt

About Me

I became aware of my unusual abilities as a child, through an affinity with, and love for animals.

My extreme sensitivity to others caused me difficulty. I didn’t understand them and they didn’t appear to understand me. I didn’t ‘get it’. Wanting to fit in, I shut it all down but in 1999 it came back with a vengeance, in the form of a breakdown.

Aged 35 and triathlon fit, I had been working in the health and fitness sector as an Account Manager selling new products to the likes of Harrods, and training staff in Boots the Chemist and the John Lewis Partnership. Even though I’d been studying health and human nature since the age of ten, ultimately, it made no difference. 

By 2004, my intuitive, healing abilities were back in the forefront; so too, my relationship with animals, in the form of a small herd of horses…

Retrained as a Coach, I set up ‘Wholly Horses’, introducing people to the concept of ‘horse whispering’ as a way of healing, developing self-leadership, understanding metaphysical states and improving social dynamics. I worked as a ‘translator’ to catalyse the process of change.

This work led me to the Native American Way and subsequently, a 15 year training programme that gave me a different perspective on people, animals, health and life in general. 

As sophisticated people, living in a high-tech medicalised world, we find it hard to believe that ancient cultures have the healing knowledge and life change models we seek.

When it comes to structural damage, fighting disease and treating infection, medical science is king. When it comes to everything else, ancient cultures had it sussed a very long time ago.

Awards shortlist, 2014