About Helen

Helen Wingstedt is a naturally gifted healer; a psychic, intuitive, lateral thinker who changes lives. Helen draws on various modern approaches and disciplines.  Although she is a qualified, experienced Coach, Personal Trainer and Equine Iridologist, it is her 15 year journey, to master the Native American Way, that sets her apart.

Helen’s Journey

“There was a time when I never thought to question modern, medical science. 

Like most people I believed the propaganda: quality food, exercise, sleep and medication keep people fit, healthy and happy.

I didn’t discover the shocking reality until 1999 when, aged 35, I suffered what’s popularly referred to as ‘burn-out’ or ‘breakdown’. It was terrifying.

Diagnosis was generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, ME, depression. I was ‘ill’ but apparently, there wasn’t a ‘cure’. I was left to get on with it.

I knew I couldn’t live with anti-depressants, coping techniques and life limitation on a permanent basis. That I couldn’t give up on myself, or my future.

Putting medical opinion and authority to one side, I set off in search of a solution. I found the Native American Way and a new lease of life.  This is my story…


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