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Helen Wingstedt

About Me

In 1999 I experienced a breakdown which changed the course of my life. I’d been working in direct selling and training in the health and fitness industry. Triathlon fit and healthy, it came as a shock.

By 2004,¬†retrained as a coach, I was using my small herd of horses to develop people. Clients were introduced to horse whispering as a way of understanding metaphysical states and changing social dynamics. I worked as a ‘translator’ to catalyse positive change.

This work led me to the Native American Way and a 13 year, training programme that changed my understanding of the way people, and animals, are engineered. This, in turn, changed my approach to problem solving.

As sophisticated people, living in a high-tech medicalised world, we find it hard to believe that ancient cultures have the knowledge and life change models we seek.

When it comes to repairing the physical body, modern medical science is king.

When it comes to the metaphysical aspects of self i.e. thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviour, communication and ENERGY projection, native American culture had it sussed a long time ago.

Awards shortlist, 2014