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Have you ever wondered what being ‘HEARTBROKEN’ actually means? It must mean something important because when it happens you actually feel the break or pain in your chest.. just as if your heart was literally broken.

Having your heart broken is rather like having a heart attack, a spiritual heart attack that can’t be seen and in the modern world of microscopes and x-ray machines, a problem that can’t be seen doesn’t exist.

People want to live as long as possible and Medical science has learned to heal the physical body to keep us alive.

In the modern, western world you probably won’t die of starvation, you’re unlikely to be eaten by lions, tigers or bears and you know that if you’re sick, have a disease or infection there’s likely to be a cure. What do we worry about now? Mental Health.

The problem is Mental health conditions can’t be treated by doctors because although they manifest themselves in the physical body they aren’t physical problems in the same way.

For many people in the third world day to day living is like hell on Earth. For those suffering ‘mental health’ issues in the western world internal, day to day life can be just the same. It may not threaten your existence but in many ways it can effectively end your life.

Doctors can not and never will be able to heal a broken heart. No pills or potion will ever take away emotional pain. No amount of nutrition and fitness will make you feel good about who you are. No amount of moaning and blaming will make you feel better.

Modern people have spent a century or two learning about physical health and have succeeded in extending length of life through medicine. Now we have a different problem to solve. The problem of mental and emotional health. After all, what’s the point of living long if your mental and emotional health means you don’t prosper?

Modern technology suggests we are incredibly advanced but the worldwide, mental health epidemic is a stark reminder that as a civilisation, we’re in our infancy, just starting out on a much bigger journey.

Broken hearts hurt; broken hearts can’t love the way they were designed to and a life without loving and being loved is a life that’s painful empty and hardly worth living; which is why so many choose not to live it.

Virtual broken hearts are no less important than physical broken hearts and ultimately, who’s to say that one isn’t linked to the other? Indeed, ancient cultures with thousands more years of experience will tell you that the link is real. It’s there; not only will they tell you, they’ll heal you so the mental, emotional and physical side effects of a broken heart go away, leaving you free to love again.

If you have a problem with the parts of you that can be seen see a physical healer like a doctor or surgeon. Someone who can use modern technology to heal you and keep your heart beating.

If you have a problem with the parts of you that can’t be seen, see a spiritual healer. Someone who can use ancient technology to heal your mind and emotions. Someone who can help your heart do the spiritual job it was designed to do. The job of loving.

In the ancient world, the word ‘spiritual’ doesn’t mean religion. It’s not about crystals, reiki or ghosts. It’s about you and the way you feel inside. It’s about your mental health and emotional wellbeing. It’s about your Will and your heart and giving your heart what it needs so that the extra long life you live, is a life that’s truly worth living.