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How many of the following questions do you believe you know the answers to?:

Why do people develop anxiety disorders and panic attacks?

Why does normal anger turn into over-reactive anger you can’t control?

Why do people become hyper-sensitive and cry easily?

Why does stress turn into overwhelm?

Why do doctors often find it hard to diagnose sources of pain?

Why does depression make you feel life’s not worth living?

Why is it hard to change harmful behaviours?

Why do negative thoughts and feelings refuse to go away? 

What is happiness and how do you acquire it?

Why is love hard to find and sustain?

When you believe you have the answer to a question, you stop asking it. You BELIEVE you know the answer and the belief stops you knowing anything more or consdeiring there’s more to know.

In the modern world, the answers to these questions are belief based. In ancient cultures the answers are reality based; founded on an understanding of Mental, Psychological and Emotional Engineering.

Opinion based approaches can only work some of the time, for some people. By contrast, Reality based approaches work all of the time, for everyone; just like having an xray and healing a broken bone – it’s unequivocal.

Here’s the perfect example: 

I once had a client with a very big dog; it was officially on the ‘dangerous’ dogs list. Despite being trained in every other respect, the dog had no recall; it was also an escape artist.

The client, a committed owner and dog trainer herself, couldn’t understand it. Other dog trainers, psychologists and behaviourists she invested in (one of them very well known) were unanimous – the problem couldn’t be solved, it was genetics; one suggested euthanasia.

Desperate, she worked with me (without the dog), as an alternative. I used my psychic-intuitive skills to understand what was happening and why. I used my coaching skills and healing abilities to change the dynamic and create an enlightened state.

90 minutes later feeling less anxious, calmer and empowered, she left. On arriving home she found she had perfect recall.

People and animals have default settings. These ‘optimal’ settings, existing in childhood, create auto-pilot positivity and high self esteem. They maximise stress tolerance, minimse fear and anxiety and support good, mental health.

As experiences affect us we move away from our default setting and lose our auto-positivity settings. As a consequecne, we have to learn and force ideas like ‘positive thinking’ and mindfulness. We have probblems breaking bad habits and changing our thoughts and feelings. It’s a load of hard work and ultimately, it’s not sustainable 24/7.

Reset back to your personal default and none of this hard work is necessary. Thoughts, feelings and emotions return to what they once were. Behaviour changes, performance improves and life gets easier.

Resetting isn’t a question of learning, forcing, cajoling and pushing, telling, advising or directing; it’s a matter of unlearning and undoing the damage done. Reset in a logical, precise, structured way and the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

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Helen Wingstedt