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Elyssa Noble-Hook


Elyssa wasn’t in a good place when we met but she had bags of courage and determination. At the start of her work with me, this is what she shared:

“I’m at my limit, it’s been coming for a very long time, slowly getting worse, symptoms getting worse, everything overwhelming me. I’ve tried to hide it but i cant anymore. Life recently has been extremely hard.

I was officially diagnosed at 12 with M.e / fibro symptoms.  Tiredness, muscle pain, huge fatigue, migraines, headaches, poor spacial awareness, brain fog, sensitive to light, noise and smell, poor sleep, vivid dreams and acting out/sleep walking, sleep talking, IBS, restless leg syndrome, collapsing when really tired

My anxiety symptoms are waking up with dread, being sick as soon as i wake up, light headedness, wretching, shaking, not eating, sweating, can’t get out of my head, wanting to hide away, crying, legs turning to jelly.

Without realising it I have slowly become hugely fearful of life in general. Scared to drive, scared to love, scared to be myself, huge self doubt and self worth issues just generally scared. I’m fearful about Bliss my puppy and not being able to look after her. I’m fearful of letting people down, I feel like I’m going mad even though I know i’m not!

I use reiki, have reflexology, do meditations, have recently had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy, have done CBT  therapy and do breathing exercises. I’m a mess!”

8 Sessions later, this is what Elyssa had to say…


“The first two 90 minute sessions transformed me; the shift and release was huge and 8 weeks later I’m a totally different person to the one that walked into Helen’s room that first time.

I’m not anxious any more. I cope with stress far more easily. I see colours more vividly, my taste buds are firing on all cylinders and my hearing is clearer. I walk with a spring in my step and with purpose. I’m a woman on a mission now all thanks to Helen and her epic healing abilities and guidance.

What Helen does is unique. Next level awesome. I cannot recommend her enough. You will not find another healer like her in this country. Seize the day and book an appointment to meet this wonderful lady and to change your life forever.

Elyssa Noble-Hook, Clinical and Complementary Therapist – 8 week Personal Course, Aug/Sept 2018