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Emotional experiences in the past affect us all. Bury, hide, deny or simply fail to process out the emotion you generate, at the point of experience, and you store up trouble for later.

Whether it’s one major experience or years of seemingly insignificant experiences you emotionally hang on to, it all adds up to the same thing in the end – an Emotional system that’s over or under stimulated and creating physical difficulties. 

If your Emotional Energy is too high and your system over-stimulated and over-loading, you’ll develop physical side-effects such as stress, anxiety, panic, phobia, aggression and insomnia. If your Emotional Energy is too low and your system is under-stimulated the side effects are more like depression, lethargy, hopelessness and negativity.

The popular approach to dealing with high or low Emotional Energy is via medication, coping and management. If Energy is too high you need to learn to be calm. If it’s too low you need to learn to psyche up and be positive. Neither work because ultimately, Emotional Energy, high or low, is way too powerful.

Trying to stop a panic or anger attack or a depressive episode when it’s on the surface is virtually impossible. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know, if you haven’t, you have no idea or way to comprehend it.

Understanding Emotional Energy is a big part of dealing with the way it affects us physically. For example, loving a person or pet and losing them, especially when you’re young and impressionable, can make love extremely painful and difficult in the future if you hang on to the upset. If you’re angry about the loss and hang onto the anger, likewise, it can make you anger-reactive later.

Either way, normalising your Emotional Energy and creating Constant Calm is the way forward and a much better option than coping and struggling whilst you watch health, relationships and happiness vanish over the horizon a piece at a time.

Take a leaf out of the Native American book of life and you’ll come to understand your Emotional Energy and how it works. As you learn about what’s happening and why, you’ll come to understand that you’re not ‘mental’, ‘ill’ or ‘weak’; just over or under stimulated. In both cases, there’s a solution.

Making it easier to socialise, travel, relax and enjoy life, Constant Calm will make you healthier and happier. It will ensure you’re more effective at work and more conmfortable at home with partners, children and pets. Most importantly, it will ensure you can enjoy being you.

Helen Wingstedt