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Denis Campbell

Denis Campbell Review

Denis had been involved with a long list of leaders and guru's, who had failed to deliver, before finally giving up his search for help in 2006. Angry, highly skeptical and beyond cynical he was reluctant to engage in anything else but in 2019, decided to to give it one last shot with a Professional Performance Course.

Denis is available to senior level professionals to discuss Professional Performance Courses and how they benefit individuals and organisations. To speak to Denis, please call: 07958 568680 

Denis’ overviewing his Coaching programmme:

“Annie Sullivan was once called ‘The Miracle Worker’ in the stage play about her work teaching the blind, deaf and mute Helen Keller. Helen Wingstedt is the miracle worker of our generation.

We wander through life blind to issues long ago buried from our past. They resurface and sap our energy, strength, emotions and ability. Unless we get to the root, they can and do slow us down to the point where we no longer feel like answering the bell for the next round to get back in there swinging. Slowly, gradually our lives and careers feel as though they are decaying. It can start in our mid-late 30s and continue through our 40s, 50s and 60s. If you are like me, you notice something is not right and will do anything to chase a new idea or solution but… face the real issues.

That’s where Helen comes in. She quickly sussed out incidents from my past that left a huge imprint on my younger self, showed me the connections through my life and healed them from the real stuff it caused throughout my life to date, so I was free from them.

I am very grateful to have been a recipient of this astounding healing technique from a modern-day healer and master using wisdom from centuries ago. The world will soon get to know her because I so believe in this Native American Way and want to help people understand how this can help busy executives and coaches clear themselves out to lead their people and teams more effectively”.

Denis’ feedback during his programme:

“I’m as skeptical as they come but within just a couple of weeks of working with Helen there has been a huge change in my life. 

It continues to be so remarkable, I wanted to let others know about her and her work in comparison to so many others I’ve worked with over the the last thirty years: 

My performance had dropped, my energy was on the floor and I couldn’t sleep. My life was filled with argument and conflict. What used to be easy became difficult for no apparent reason. I felt ill, incompetent, frustrated, angry, upset and worried…  

I had spent a long, successful career helping businesses achieve success. I was permanent and interim COO, director of sales and marketing and worked with companies large and small. From PwC, Bank of America, Dell Computers, Carnival Cruise Lines, two global law firms, to 45 companies as an interim director.

I loved reading the works of leaders in the health and wellbeing field and taking their seminars. I was personal friends with Dr. Wayne Dyer in Florida. I’d been through Deepak Chopra’s courses and even worked briefly on the business side of a UK author offering seminars on a process called ‘The Journey.’

I’d been there and done it all and finally reached a point where I wouldn’t touch anything in the personal empowerment or mind, body, spirit movement with a barge pole. I was allergic to them because nothing really helped. 

Then I met with Helen.

The difference between Helen and all the other leaders and approaches I’ve tried is profound; night and day.

The shift in me has been remarkable. For the first time, I experienced changes happening in real-time, in the moment, during sessions and achieved more in a few hours than I had in the last 20-30 years. 

Helen connected me to emotional experiences early in life, that had been responsible for my actions and reactions for several decades. She helped me unstick, unlock and reverse the side effects of my past and within two weeks it felt like a giant weight had been lifted from my back and shoulders. I felt more optimistic and dove into project tasks each morning, ready and raring to go. 

I sleep better, I feel calmer and more at ease and I can focus more clearly. My energy has improved, my senses have sharpened and I feel like I have been granted a new lease of life with a much clearer sense of purpose.

Helen has helped me get myself back on track, working towards the achievement of the goals I set for myself in life early on.  

In just a few weeks, she has completely changed and rewired my outlook. Her work is deep. Her skills are awesome. She personally is a marvel… a true miracle worker who has given me new hope and perspective” 

Denis Campbell,  Professional Breakthrough Coaching, Feb/Apr 2019

Denis Campbell is a high flyer who has spent his life working hard to create exceptional success for corporates and small businesses alike. Denis has been involved with the personal empowerment, coaching and wellness industry since its inception; he knows it inside and out.