Treating depression the creative way

Is a great imagination the source of mental health problems?

My Journey

 "Prior to 1999, I'd never questioned modern, medical science. I believed, like most people, that quality food, exercise and sleep would keep me fit, healthy and happy. I didn't discover the shocking reality until 1999 when, aged 35, I suffered what's popularly...

Pets or people. Who do you love?

Pain is pain no matter who or what you love and lose.

De-medicalise fear and beat anxiety every time

Free yourself of fear and take back control of your health and life

Look fear in the eye and be free from panic for good

Change your thinking, shift your perspective and be high anxiety free

Is it wise to put your mind in medical hands?

Pills, coping techniques and life limitation. Why go along with it?

Freedom from fear, anxiety and pain for life

Create calm, contentment, clarity and confidence that lasts the easy way

The Energy template that will change your life

Creating change that can’t be achieved with the modern, medical template

Treat fear like a friend and put an end to anxiety

Make a friend of fear and the enemy of anxiety and panic could be a thing of the past

Change your mind and improve your life with ease

The eyes are the windows to the mind and what it’s creating.


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