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If you’re trying to change any aspect of your self, or your life, succeeding is the objective. Hurdles like stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue and anger make succeeding hard work.

Although it’s easier to learn to cope with these kinds of difficulties, learning to cope and manage actually SHRINKS your potential for pro-activity because it SHRINKS your stress coping threshold. As time goes by it also INCREASES your need for stress relief and how often you need it.

When the mental and physical side effects of stress reach their peak we have to stop and seek relief in spas, short breaks and hobbies. Whilst distracted, we feel better but the moment we go back, we pick up where we left off and go through the entire cycle again. It’s a vicious, ever-decreasing circle, that caps potential and limits levels of achievement.

Most people are unaware that ‘distraction’ as a way of dealing with stress and feeling better, is a new phenomenon. That in ancient cultures there exists a different way of seeing stress and as such, a different way of approaching it. It’s an approach that I call ‘Constant Calm’.

Consider, for a moment, the concept of Constant Calm and the way it would affect performance and function if it were present on a 24/7 basis.

If you were Constantly Calm, stress wouldn’t be affecting you and therefore, the mental and physical difficulties related to stress wouldn’t kick in. If these difficulties didn’t kick in you wouldn’t need relief and there’d be nothing to learn to cope with. You’d just get on with life and succeeding the way you did when you were much younger, before self-management became necessary.

‘Constant Calm’ enables you to take on, and easily cope with, MORE stress without experiencing the mental and physical side effects.

Able to take on MORE stress without feeling uncomfortable, we can be busier and open life up as opposed to closing it down because we can’t cope.

Because Constant Calm promotes good mental and physical health, it sets you up for higher function in old age.

Because Constant Calm negates the need for relief and coping, it saves you time, money and resources that you can plough into success related productivity and activity or life long dreams and ambitions!

Constant Calm is the key to succeeding in all areas of life and succeeding is the key to happiness.  If you’re calm, you’re not stressed. If you’re not stressed, communication, conflict resolution and positive change are easily achieved. If change is easily achieved, it becomes enjoyable and when that happens, the sky is no longer a limit.

To learn more about Constant Calm or to book a session and experience the way it’s created, please get in touch.

Helen Wingstedt