The eyes are windows to the mind.

Native American Healers know this. They know that the mind is an entity; a creative power tool made of energy. They also know that we each CREATE our own ‘mindset’. That we start creating it from the moment we’re born.

By the time we’re in our teens our mind is ‘set’.  It will contain positive AND negative beliefs, rules, conditioning, experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It will also contain conclusions about who we are that are largely based on the opinions of other people.

Mindset is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. You can see each piece if you focus on it closely enough but you can never see the whole because it’s too big and you’re too close.

If the jigsaw reflects in your life positively, you’re likely to be healthy, happy and rewarded.

If the jigsaw reflects negatively, life will be harder and issues of health, wellbeing and effectiveness will develop.

When we say we don’t like change it’s because change is hard. The reason it’s hard is because we have to work AGAINST the mindset we created that makes life the way it is.

Come at it differently and alter mindset and change happens fast and naturally, without you having to try to force anything.

Work with the Energy of mindset, the Native American Way and you can guarantee positive change in your way of thinking, feeling, speaking and relating.

Identify and take away the pieces responsible for creating negatively and the entire jigsaw changes to accommodate you. As it does, life changes.

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Helen Wingstedt.


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