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People unconsciously generate Emotional Energy on a 24/7 basis. This Energy feeds the mind. It affects the way you think and feel, it influences your decisions and it drives behaviour and activity.

When people say they feel tired or lack Energy or are so up they can’t come down, Emotional Energy is generally to blame (assuming you’re eating well, sleeping and not abusing drugs or alcohol!).

When people talk about liking someone’s Energy or not liking their Energy, it’s Emotional Energy they’re referring to.

When people listen to singers and say they ‘connect’ it’s the Emotional Energy they connect to. When they say there’s ‘no connection’, Emotional Energy is to blame.

Emotional Energy is THE Energy of Energies. At 35, I was triathlon fit with a resting heart rate to die for and knew the calorie and fat content of virtually any food you can think of. I’d qualified as a personal trainer in my spare time. I was fanatical!

Did it stop my Energy collapsing and prevent ‘mental’ health issues? Not one bit and it was this that got me interested in the ‘hidden’, non-medical side of health and fitness. It was this that led me to the Native American Way.

Natural human design makes you the top performing problem solver on the planet. Seriously, you are AMAZING!! To be a top performer you need top performing systems and I’m not talking about the size of your heart, muscle mass, fat percentage or height.

Natural human design provides you with the non-visible systems you need to creatively solve problems. No other ‘animal’ can do that. In every day terms, it means that although you’re designed to operate like a Ferrari, you’re probably performing more like a Ford Fiesta that’s seen better days and through no fault of your own.

Because society has become medically focused, we can only treat what we see; we have no clear, effective model for understanding and addressing problems that don’t have a clear, visible cause.

Ancient cultures, on the other hand, are well-equipped in this area. If you have broken bones, an infection or disease go and see your doctor. if you’re struggling with something that can’t be x-rayed or scanned chances are extremely high that Emotional Energy is the culprit.

Being scientifically minded with a nuclear physicist in the family, I’m a big believer in EVIDENCE. If there’s no evidence there’s ALWAYS a reason. If there IS evidence, the same goes, what’s needed is a way of understanding how the evidence came into being; it’s a process that involves reverse engineering.

Ask someone what their problem is and in my experience, they’ll talk about side effects. Ask them to pinpoint when side effects started and how they started and most people have no idea; what they’ll do is assume, guess and join the dots up wrong; doctors, coaches and therapists, who haven’t developed their sensitivty and intuitive skills, do the same.

If you pinpoint and treat emotional root causes you can relieve mental and physical side effects in much the same way as you would treating an infection with antibiotics. 

Why is this important? Because it’s where sensitivity, psychic-intuitive abilities and metaphysical skills come into their own. If you accept them, develop them and train to use them in structured ways you can pinpoint virtually anything and produce results. If you rely on talking, memory and instruction manuals you’ll get nowhere fast. 

All people have sensitivity, intuition and the ability to ‘tune-in’ to themselves and each other. It’s part of our natural human design and ability to socially interface at a complex level. 

The old adage is that if you want to understand other people (and animals) you need to understand yourself. The more you understand yourself and how you function, the better equipped you are to deal with the world at large and everyone in it.


Helen Wingstedt