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How is YOUR Energy? Energy is something you hear people talk about all the time but for some reason, its not part of the modern, medical manual.

If you’re eating and sleeping reasonably well and have no or low Energy, what’s the reason?  If you’re Energy is so high you can’t relax, what’s the reason? If people like your Energy and it gets you noticed, how come? What if people don’t like your Energy, why not and what can you do?

At 35, just prior to a breakdown, I was triathlon fit with a low resting heart rate. I knew the calorie and fat content of virtually any food you could think of. I’d also qualified as a personal trainer in my spare time.

Even though I was fanatical about health and fitness, it didn’t stop my Energy collapsing or prevent ‘mental’ health issues. The experience got me thinking…

How can you be incredibly fit and healthy and have no Energy? How are mental health and Energy connected? The two came together so it seemed obvious to me that they must be linked in some way. Find the link and you’ll find a solution, that was my thinking.

When I discovered the Native American Way it was a breath of fresh air. It spoke my ‘language’ and offered insights into health and fitness I’d never come across before. A way of undertanding Energy, health, function, stress and performance that made sense and more importantly, that worked to produce results.

Natural design puts humans us at the top of the tree. Our high-tech design enables us to operate like Ferraris so WHY do we trun into Fiestas over the passage of time?

The answer to this question and more lies in the Native American framework for understanding Energy – the physcial and non-physical kind.

Helen Wingstedt