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Turning inner hell to heaven on Earth

Guilt, fear and emotional pain make life a living hell. Find the key to freedom and you create internal calm, peace and heaven on Earth

What anxiety sufferers should fear the most

High anxiety, panic attacks and mental health issues are frightening. But what should sufferers fear the most?

Baffled brains breed anxiety and panic

Anxiety and panic attacks start somewhere. Find the point of origin and you can free yourself of both on a permanent basis.

What your doctor doesn’t know about anxiety

Your heart races, you get hot, you sweat, your blood pumps, the pressure builds and things reach a climax… or is it a panic attack?

Old dogs learn new tricks with the right teacher

Tired, skeptical, cynical and angry at being let down, Denis Campbell, an American in Wales finds the way forward after 20 years searching

See past your Physical Shell and get well

A Meta-Physical Being inhabiting a Physical Shell. If there’s more to you than skin and bone there’s more to wellness than physicality alone.

The Intelligent Mental Health Solution

Are you mentally ill and dysfunctional or someone’s who’s misunderstood, in need of knowledge and a way of getting back to your ‘normal’?