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Becky Jones

Becky Jones Review

“Helen has been my greatest mentor over the last ten years. In that time she has improved me as a person in every walk of life and most importantly, to my innate way of being with horses.

Helen has helped me understand the true nature of horses. She even helped me find the key to a difficult young stallion that Klaus Hempfling had failed during a UK clinic. I went on to ride and enjoy this horse because of Helen.

Helen has helped me and my animals many times. What she does has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The first occasion Helen helped me was when my young stallion ran into a wall. Helen told me, over the phone, that she suspected a neck fracture and the exact spot where. I told Helen that the vet had already seen him and was sure he was fine but I listened to what she said and had my vet refer him to the clinic for x-ray; the x-ray showed a fracture at the C5 vertebrae, exactly where Helen had said.

On another occasion, Helen was working with me on my self esteem and confidence when she noticed my Doberman nearby. Helen put her hand on the dog and found a lump which she thought might be cancerous. She advised me to get my vet to check and said she’d do what she could to stop it growing and spreading.

A few days later I visited the vet who confirmed it was likely to be cancer; surgery was performed and the lump removed which turned out to be cancerous. The vet said that the outer edges of the tumour were dead and that he couldn’t explain why. 

When my whippet developed an auto-immune disease she had expensive surgery, running into thousands but it didn’t cure her; when Helen stepped in she only had a short time to live but after seeing Helen she recovered and even went on to have puppies and live a normal life.

Last year I suffered a bad fall off my horse onto the road. I broke three ribs, chipped an elbow and was in great pain; it severely knocked my confidence. Helen helped me and I felt the change take place in my body; I felt the pain disperse and was able to get back to working and riding again with confidence. She also helped my husband with a broken leg which healed weeks faster than it should have to the astonishment of doctors.

Sadly, I recently lost my horse of a lifetime and was unable to recover. The pain of losing him changed my relationship with horses and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to form a new bond with another. Helen helped me get over the grief, say goodbye and move on as a result.

Helen’s powers are difficult to understand so I no longer try to understand; I just enjoy the benefits. I have learned and seen the most inspiring things through working with Helen.  She gets the best out of every situation, creates learning in every moment and empowers people to do better than they thought they could.

Every animal Helen works with be it a dog, horse or human changes for the better. Whatever you want to learn, however you want to improve, what ever health problems you can’t fix in yourself or in your horse or dog, if you want the very best for yourself and your animals, Helen is the place you’ll find it”.

Becky Jones, Professional Equestrian and Breeder, 2016