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Dogs and horses can’t verbalise their thoughts, feelings, emotions or state of health. They can’t tell us when they’re anxious or scared and they can’t explain why they behave the way they do; Helen bridges the communication gap. Get in touch with Helen with regard to your dog, your horse or yourself with a view to:

  • Healing treatments
  • Herbal medicine 
  • Lifestyle change
  • Rehabilitation
  • Confidence sessions
  • Increasing knowledge
  • Developing skills
  • Learning to heal
  • Reading wellness

“Helen’s unique way of working gets results. Her work is extremely valuable; I admire Helen’s passion for her work and feel privileged to have worked with her 

Sandra Cook

“With Helen’s help they were at last a real partnership, each truly trusting the other….they’ve made such amazing progress, even competing at shows

Ruth Dennis-Jones 

“Working with Helen has been life changing. To watch her communicate with horses, seemingly telepathically, is to be amazed, astounded and inspired

Dr. Tracey King

K. Williams, 2008

“I bought my Japanese Akita when he was just over a year old. He had an excellent temperament, excellent pedigree and I knew immediately that he was the dog I had been searching for.

He was gorgeous, loving, gentle and loyal. It was love at first sight, but as I have learned, unconditional love alone does not make a great pet.

Although he came to me with very little training, he quickly learned most of the essential commands, but we had our fair share of problems. His lack of recall put him in danger several times when he managed to get off lead, or opened the garden gate. He would bolt.. Sometimes I would have to run after him for a mile before I could get close enough to grab his collar. He came very close to being hit by a car. He would completely ignore me and all my attempts to get his attention. I tried to train recall using most conventional methods, whistles, long lines, I read books on dog training and behaviour. I knew there was something out of place in our relationship but struggled to move forward.

I decided to seek help and arranged a behavioural consultation with a highly recommended dog psychologist. He worked with him for 2 hours but I was left feeling just as lost as before when I failed to make an impact on his behaviour. Then I tried a trainer, nothing improved. Then another. One even told me there was no point in trying, I would never get him to come when called. I was starting to lose hope and by the this time I wouldn’t even let him outside in the garden unless he was tied to something for fear of him bolting. I was constantly worrying about the next time he’d get loose and he was picking up on my anxiety. His behaviour when I left the house got worse and I started to avoid leaving the house when no one else was home. I felt that I was failing him, failing to be a good leader and not making him happy.

One session with Helen was all it took to turn our lives around. and achieve perfect recall. She understood exactly why we were having the problems I’d tried so hard to get past. My relationship with him changed. All I had read, everything I had learned about dogs but had been unable to properly understand clicked into place. It wasn’t training, it was enlightenment. His behaviour changed. He relaxed, he stopped worrying when I left the house. He responded quickly to any commands. I didn’t even need to speak and he knew what I wanted and did it. And most importantly, he stopped bolting. Instead of sprinting away from me, he now turns and follows me. He is happier, I am happier and I finally have the dog of my dreams.

K Williams, Dog Trainer

Rhian Jones, 2013

“Ten years ago I took on my Dad’s two mares, when he was unable to look after them himself due to ill health.

I had always been afraid of horses, even though I’d grown up around them on our farm, so making the decision to take them on was a big one. I thought I’d made a big mistake but then I met Helen.

Attempts had been made to submerge me in horse experiences, to overcome my fear but unfortunately, it only made things worse. 

I wasn’t able to bring the girls in from the field and would place their feed in the stables so they would let themselves in.  One evening they refused and the anxiety of haltering them became too much. The reality that this couldn’t go on hit me. I was depressed and hit rock bottom.

Shortly after, I met Helen at the Cardiff Natural Health Show and had a short appointment. Helen reminded me of an experience I’d had as a child with a horse that I’d completely forgotten about. She helped me understand the connection between this experience and my anxiety. Somehow, I left the show feeling somehow uplifted about my future.

A week later it was obvious how big a change Helen had helped me achieve when I attended one of her workshops. I borrowed a car to make sure that I made it – normally i’d make excuses and put things off.  I then spent the day sitting in a room full of people that I had never met before, volunteering information, speaking up and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and I liked it!

The workshop was interactive with an approach I had never experienced before. By the time I left I’d had another major breakthrough in the way I was thinking and behaving and had realised, there didn’t have to be a negative consequence for standing up for yourself.

I left the workshop feeling great and from that day on, my confidence grew. I began to consider taking a horse on loan and by January 2010, I had my first horse, called Ruby.

Ruby’s tail had been damaged years before and she didn’t like it or her back legs to be touched. I asked Helen to come to the farm to help and in less than an hour, Ruby had stopped reacting and I could wash her tail and pick her feet up too! Her owner couldn’t believe the change.

I’d made so much amazing progress because of Helen’s visit that I decided to book leadership work too and spent a day working with her two dogs.  On returning home, I noticed a change straight away with my own dog that was a real eye opener.  Usually my dog would charge past me when I got home and opened the door. This time, she just sat and looked at me;  I was stunned and it changed my relationship with her instantly.  There were no more worries of me not being able to control her to keep her safe.

Other major changes followed one of which was a dream of mine to achieve – a beach ride from the farm to Swansea Bay.  Everyone from the yard went on the ride and there were a couple of hurdles on the way, including a heavy sea mist which came down as we approached and one of the horses playing up for her owner.

Each hurdle brought on fear but not anxiety or panic attacks. I was able to stay calm and deal with each situation which was a milestone, pushing me on to my next memorable ride and overcoming my fear of riding on roads. Ruby picked up on how nervous I was but we both stayed calm.  It created a deeper bond and made me see how strong a relationship can be between a horse and their owner.

I went on to work with Helen a number of times to continue my progress and enjoy all the amazing benefits of instantaneous change. I’ve become more successful than I ever dreamed possible”.

Rhian Jones, Swansea

Becky Jones, 2015

“Helen has been my greatest mentor over the last ten years. In that time she has improved me as a person in every walk of life and most importantly, to my innate way of being with horses.

Helen has helped me understand the true nature of horses. She even helped me find the key to a difficult young stallion that Klaus Hempfling had failed with during a UK clinic. I went on to ride and enjoy this horse because of Helen.

Helen has helped my animals many times. What she does has to be experienced to be understood.

Whatever you want to learn, however you want to improve, what ever health problems you can’t fix in yourself or in your horse or dog, if you want the very best for yourself and your animals, Helen is the place you’ll find it.

The first occasion Helen helped me was when my young stallion ran into a wall. Helen told me, over the phone, that she suspected a neck fracture and the exact spot where. I told Helen that the vet had already seen him and was sure he was fine but I listened to what she said and had my vet refer him to the clinic for x-ray; the x-ray showed a fracture at the C5 vertebrae, exactly where Helen had said.

On another occasion, Helen was working with me on my self esteem and confidence when she noticed my Doberman nearby. Helen put her hand on the dog and found a lump which she thought might be cancerous. She advised me to get my vet to check and said she’d do what she could to stop it growing and spreading.

A few days later I visited the vet who confirmed it was likely to be cancer; surgery was performed and the lump removed which turned out to be cancerous. The vet said that the outer edges of the tumour were dead and that he couldn’t explain why. 

When my whippet developed an auto-immune disease she had expensive surgery, running into thousands but it didn’t cure her; when Helen stepped in she only had a short time to live but after seeing Helen she recovered and even went on to have puppies and live a normal life.

Last year I suffered a bad fall off my horse onto the road. I broke three ribs, chipped an elbow and was in great pain; it severely knocked my confidence. Helen helped me and I felt the change take place in my body; I felt the pain disperse and was able to get back to working and riding again with confidence. She also helped my husband with a broken leg which healed weeks faster than it should have to the astonishment of doctors.

Sadly, I recently lost my horse of a lifetime and was unable to recover. The pain of losing him changed my relationship with horses and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to form a new bond with another. Helen helped me get over the grief, say goodbye and move on as a result.

Helen’s powers are difficult to understand so I no longer try to understand; I just enjoy the benefits. I have learned and seen the most inspiring things through working with Helen.  She gets the best out of every situation, creates learning in every moment and empowers people to do better than they thought they could.

Every animal Helen works with be it a dog, horse or human changes for the better. Whatever you want to learn, however you want to improve, what ever health problems you can’t fix in yourself or in your horse or dog, if you want the very best for yourself and your animals, Helen is the place you’ll find it.

Becky Jones, Professional Equestrian and Breeder, Wales 2015

"One of the most amazing people I've ever met...

“Words are not enough to describe the experience of working with Helen.  She is one of the most amazing, intuitive people I have ever met, with instincts like radar when assessing people, horses and other animals too.  She was brave, honest and cared enough to explain what was going on between me and the horse and what the horse was communicating without thinking about herself.  She saw right through the armour I wore for protection, bit by bit helping me take it off so that the real me could emerge and take a huge step towards Freedom.

Julie Hunt

"A unique experience...

“Helen has a unique ability: she is able to interpret both you and the horse’s emotions, and to use this amazing interaction to lead you to realisations on an emotional and spiritual level that I have never achieved before.  Calm, intuitive and patient Helen appears one step ahead in your emotional journey as she gently supports and guides you down this most moving, powerful and revealing pathway.  With these exceptional skills, Helen can guide you to attain your ultimate desires, wishes and goals. It’s a unique experience that can not be adequately explained or truly understood until you undertake it”.    

Dr Fraser Brims, Hampshire 

"They've made such amazing progress...

“To see Shadow decide to trust Helen, to watch his whole body, including his eyes, suddenly soften and relax was spine-tingling. With Helen’s help they were at last a real partnership, each truly trusting the other….they’ve made such amazing progress, even successfully competing in shows.” 

Ruth Dennis-Jones, Cardiff

"One of the best experiences of my life...

“Working with Helen has been life changing. To watch her communicate with horses, seemingly telepathically, is to be amazed, astounded and inspired to understand how wonderful a relationship between horse and human can be. Helen’s methods work on so many levels, all based on trust, openness and honesty and will improve your relationship with horses, your relationship with yourself and with other people. One of the best experiences of my life”

Dr Tracey King, Cardiff

"Life changing...

Helen’s unique way of working gets results. Her work is extremely valuable; she helps horses physically, mentally and emotionally and helps their owners increase understanding thereby creating opportunities for a deeper, more trusting and intimate relationship. I admire Helen’s passion for her work and feel privileged to have worked with her”

Sandra Cook

“If you’re serious about horses and want a new approach, this is it. I’ve learnt an enormous amount from Helen but primarily how to have real connection with horses and how to have a relationship which is mutually satisfying and works”.

J Thomas

“Helen combines horsemanship with personal development in the greatest way.  I’m still enjoying the openings that they helped me create that day and my approach with animals hasn’t been the same since.  I have finally tasted what making true contact is all about, with animals, with other people and with myself”

Arnold Timmerman

“I spent an amazing day with Helen learning her approach. It was truly enlightening and my new found knowledge and awareness will make for a harmonious future with horses. Connecting with a horse using Helen’s methods is an amazing experience and quite an emotional one. A truly enlightening and rewarding day”

Joanne Hole

“Wow oh wow, thank you with a joy filled heart for such an amazing, insightful and rewarding 4 days with you and your amazing horses. I achieved so much with all of your help, and you created such a powerful healing energy for all of us.  You guys are a real inspiration, the way you ran this course has given me such energy and creativity … Helen, you are a star shining a powerful energy that is contagious. I could really feel your eagerness to share all that you are and lead by example how to be focused, open, confident and plugged in to all that energy, knowledge and intuition, and you have helped me greatly in so many ways”

Leanna Milward

“I saw Helen to help overcome a deep-rooted fear of horses – what I didn’t expect was to lose the fear without going near one and to discover my fears had begun after a frightening childhood incident with a pig…! The day after my session I visited a field where they have donkeys and horses and spent some time getting to know them. It was fantastic to be able to go up to these animals and not feel terrified at the same time. It was amazing to me how quickly the whole fear thing moved as I have tried and worked many, many different types of methods to deal with the issue over recent years. Thank you so much.”

Christine Cleobury

“I started horse riding at 40 and after a couple of disastrous lessons decided I had to get some confidence training and overcome my fear or give up riding altogether. I spent a wonderful afternoon with Helen and feel a lot more confident now around horses and in all aspects of my life. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Kathy Rogers

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