A Proven Approach

Healthy Energy is Positive Energy. Create Healthy Energy and positivity increases. As Healthy Energy levels rise, health improves; negative ways of feeling, thinking and being change and ultimately, fade away.

Natural healing abilities, psychic-intuitive skills and 15 years of training to master the Native American Way, enable Helen to heal, transform and guide the way she does. Positive changes, produced in REAL-TIME, last indefinitely.

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Why Create Healthy Energy?

Healthy Energy is Positive Energy. The higher Healthy Energy levels are, the more positively ‘charged’ you are and the fewer issues of health, wellbeing and function you experience.

These are just a few of the common complaints and difficulties that can be relieved, or permanently eliminated, as a result of Creating Healthy Energy:

  • Stress and the side effects of stress
  • Overwhelm and mind muddle
  • Physical pain of all kinds
  • Headaches, allergies, skin issues
  • Insomnia and hyper-active mind
  • High anxiety and panic
  • Phobia, fear and nightmares
  • Anger, over-reaction, conflict
  • Replaying bad experiences
  • Self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Grief, worry and distress

When Healthy Energy is high, the need for coping techniques, management strategies and even medication, is low. The higher Healthy Energy gets, the more of the following you enjoy:

  • Self-esteem, belief and confidence
  • Inner peace, calm and contentment
  • Positive thoughts, thinking clearly
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Stronger immune system
  • Faster recovery from injury and illness
  • Energy, motivation and drive
  • Purpose, direction, decisiveness
  • Self-leadership and assertiveness
  • Improved sensory awareness
  • Being comfortable with sexuality

The Healthy Energy principle applies to people and animals alike.


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