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Innovating Change

Every problem in the present has a root cause in the past. Provided the problem wasn’t present at birth, I can work psychic-intuitively, with Native American healing and transformational templates, to help you solve it. Here are a few examples of what can happen when you approach problems differently:

The Terrified Patient

Due to enter hospital, for major heart surgery, the client's anxiety and panic attacks were growing worse with each passing day. £40,000 had already been invested in talking therapies, over the previous ten years, with minimal improvement.

Working intuitively with the reasons WHY anxiety had started burst the panic bubble. A few weeks later the client entered hospital calm and relaxed, recovering far more quickly than Doctors expected.


The Dangerous Dog

A dog trainer, dog psychologist and leading dog behaviourist had already worked with a big, 'dangerous' dog before I was approached. Professional opinion was unanimous; recall couldn't be trained. Euthanasia had been advised.

I worked intuitively to understand WHY there was a problem with recall and enlightened the client. Mentally and emotionally calmer, clearer and quieter, the client left. On arrival home she found the dog had perfect recall.


The Unrideable Stallion

The client, a professional breeder and competitive rider had already worked with stallion specialist, Klaus Hempfling (Dancing with Horses) before approaching me. Professional opinion held that the Arabian stallion couldn't be trained to be ridden.

Revealing the under-lying WHY there was a problem and working with both on the ground, worked wonders. Calmer and more confident in each other, they enjoyed a ridden partnership.


Most people find my results hard to believe. In response, I offer a GUARANTEE with all Courses and Retreats and a no-quibble REFUND if positive change isn’t achieved. To read more Client success stories, please click here.