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The only thing standing between you and a healthier, wealthier, happier life is STRESS and the way it affects you. Imagine if stress didn’t bother you, how much better and easier would your personal and professional life be?!

The Native American Way of developing people involves reducing negative stress. This is the ‘bad’ stress that makes you feel unwell, stressed out, anxious and panicky. The same stress that affects your performance at work and makes you angry and irritable.

Reduce negative stress and there’s more room for positive stress, problems solving and succeeding. Reduce negative stress and physical side effects like pain, anxiety, panic, phobia, itchy skin and insomnia start to fade awya or come under control. 

As negative stress lowers and the physical side effects get less, confidence starts to come back and with it your self esteem, motivation, energy, ability to think, decide and concentrate. Interviews get easier, kids are easier to manage and authority figures less frightening to deal with. 

Refreshing, fascinating and guaranteed to make life change easy, the Native American Way works for all.

What can you expect?

Expect a relaxed, informal, talking style format and simple exercises that will start separating you from the negative internal states that are causing difficulty and blocking potential. The more sessions you do, the more dis-empowered these states become and the better you think, feel and function. Positive change happens during your session and the change gets stronger with each passing day.

There is no hypnosis. There are no parlour games. There is no spiritualism or religion. You remain in control at all times. Positive changes are immediate, noticeable and last indefinitely.

How does it work?

The Native American Way requires very specific, metaphysical abilities and trained skills to practice, which is why so few people are able to do it. The training process, taking a minimum of ten years, makes it virtually impossible to explain, so here’s an example of the way it works: 

I once had a client with a VERY big, potentially dangerous dog.  Despite being trained in every other respect, the dog had no recall and wouldn’t even stay in the garden. The client, a committed owner and trainer himself, sought help from dog trainers and behaviourists (one very well known), to solve the problem. All failed. One advised the dog be euthanised. All were unanimous that the problem couldn’t be solved. He was devastated.

By sheer chance we met; skeptical, he booked a session. He told me about the dog whilst I ‘tuned-in’ to them both to find out what was going wrong and why. Having established the root cause, I took the client through a simple, non-invasive exercise to change the Energy around the problem. 90 minutes later, he left, free from the anxiety, panic and upset he’d arrived with. On arriving home he found he had perfect recall. There’s never been a problem since.