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Heal and Transform Life

Heal and Transform Life

Native American culture has the healing awareness, transformational knowledge and life change systems we need in our high-tech, medicalised world.

By simply changing our Mental Activity we can reduce Negative Energy and make Positive Energy abundant. By thinking, feeling and speaking differently we can strengthen our sense of Self and achieve ALL our goals more easily.


What do scientists say about Mental Activity?


Scientists say that Mental Activity generates ENERGY


That 70% of Mental activity is NEGATIVE and REDUNDANT


Negative Energy DESTROYS health and wellbeing


It INCREASES the physical side effects of stress


It AMPLIFIES fear, anxiety and doubt


It RE-ENFORCES negative habits and behaviours


It SLOWS phyiscal healing and recovery



Is there a way forward?

YES! There is a solution and, surprisingly, one that has existed for hundreds of years.

It’s known as the Native American Way.


"A Miracle Worker"


“Annie Sullivan was once called ‘The Miracle Worker’ in the stage play about her work teaching the blind, deaf and mute Helen Keller. Helen Wingstedt is the miracle worker of our generation”

Denis Campbell, March 2019

What is the Native American Way?

Modern people have a ‘medical’ reference for health, wellbeing and function. This reference is pill dependant; if there’s no pill, there’s no cure and your problem persists.

Ancient, Native American culture has a DIFFERENT REFERENCE for health, wellbeing and function that ISN’T pill dependant. When it comes to feeling better and achieving more, this difference makes all the difference in the world.

Why haven’t you heard about it?

The Native American Way is closely guarded by tribal leaders and ‘priests’. It isn’t a mass marketed approach that anyone can learn by doing a course. Specialist training is by invitation only. It is delivered on a mentored basis over a period of no less than ten years.

What’s different?

Modern and new age approaches are hard work. Change is difficult to achieve, hard to sustain and impossible to predict.

The Native American Way is different. There’s nothing to force or learn and nothing to remember to make it work. Change is personalised, targeted and achieved in a logical, structured, coaching style format, in REAL TIME, during your session.  

The Native American Way

Working with animal totems to improve health and wellbeing

The Native American Way

Working with animal totems to change thoughts and feelings

The Native American Way

Working with animal totems to create confidence and positivity