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Hello and welcome! I’m Helen Wingstedt.

People normally seek my assistance as a last resort. They don’t expect results; I don’t get tired of producing them!  Here are just a few, of many examples:

Unhealable Wound

Having entered hospital with Parkinson's disease months before, the client had developed an open sore running the length of his lower leg. 6 months later, following all forms of possible treatment, there was no change. Desperate, his daughter approached me for help.

Working intuitively with the reasons WHY healing wasn't taking place, changed the body's healing dynamic. Within a few days the wound was healing nicely. Doctors, astounded, had no explanation.

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Incurable Panic

Due to enter hospital, for major heart surgery, the client's anxiety and panic attacks were growing worse every day. £40,000 had already been invested in psycho-therapy and other certified approaches, over the previous ten years, with minimal improvement.

I worked intuitively with the reasons WHY there was a problem. High anxiety and panic attacks stopped. The client entered hospital minus feeling calm and relaxed. He recovered more quickly than expected. High anxiety and panic have never returned.


Untreatable Pain

Having approached me for help with debilitating mental health issues, the client, an attractive woman, hadn't mentioned taking medication for chronic pain in her knees. This had started post knee surgery at age 14.  Self-conscious of scarring, she hadn't bared her legs in public since.

Working with the reasons WHY she had mental health issues had a big impact on physicality, as it always does. In addition to improved mental health she lost the pain, her need for medication and regained her body confidence.

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Unmanageable Anger

The client, a successful business man, had struggled with anger and failed to manage it, for most of his adult life. It had cost him jobs, brought marriages to an end and was making life miserable. Unable to relax, de-motivated and low, he asked me for assistance.

I provided the client with a different framework for understanding anger and worked with the reasons WHY it was out of control. As anger normalised, inner calm increased; motivation and purpose returned.

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Untrainable Dog

A dog trainer, dog psychologist and leading dog behaviourist had already worked with a big, 'dangerous' dog before I was approached. Certified opinion was unanimous; recall couldn't be trained. Euthanasia had been advised.

I worked intuitively to understand WHY there was a problem with recall and enlightened the client. Mentally and emotionally calmer, clearer and quieter, the client left. On arrival home she found the dog had perfect recall.

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Unrideable Stallion

The client, a professional breeder and competitive rider had already worked with stallion specialist, Klaus Hempfling (Dancing with Horses) before approaching me. Certified opinion held that the Arabian stallion couldn't be trained and safely ridden.

Tuning-in, psychically, to understand WHY the stallion had a problem and working through it with the owner on the ground, resolved it. Calmer and more confident in each other, they enjoyed a ridden partnership.

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