Optimising The Mind For Magic

Are you looking for love?

Are you unhappy? Is health letting you down? Has medical science failed to deliver? Is progress slow? If life’s not working despite your best efforts and giving up isn’t an option, you need to think differently and ‘Optimise your Mind for Magic’. Do that and your wishes and dreams can come true. 

Natural, intuitive magic

The Mind is a non-visible power tool. A natural, intuitive, ‘magic wand’ that follows your will it can make life easy and rewarding or loveless and hard. 

If life is much harder and less rewarding than it should be and you’ve been thinking it’s your personality or that there’s something wrong with you, think again! 

"Next level awesome"

"A bright, shining star"

"The real deal"

"Unlike anything else"

"Genius at work"

Why optimise your mind?

Natural Magic is built-in to all of us at birth. You don’t have to learn it, you just need to give it a way out and that’s what happens when you ‘optimise’.

The more you magic you allow out, the healthier and happier you are and the easier life gets without you having to try! 

What’s involved?

Optimising your mind for magic is a simple, non-invasive process that you control. Hypnosis is not involved. Having taken hundreds of people through the process over several decades, Helen has the knowledge, trained skills and successful experience to lead you to where you want to go and actualise the positive change you’re trying to achieve. 

What do YOU wish for?

Physical health and fitness?

When doctors struggle to diagnose or resolve a problem with medication, it’s usually because the problem has a non-physical (i.e. spiritual) element or root cause. Because this element is dismissed, health deteriorates, recovery slows and problems get worse.  

Book a 60 minute assessment to find out how optimising your mind can improve your health, accelerate repair from injury and hasten recovery from illness.

Good mental health?

Sub-conscious stress is active inside us on a 24/7 basis and has an impact on mental health and wellbeing that is largely ignored. As sub-conscious stress levels rise, every day stress gets harder to deal with.  Anxiety, irritability, tearfulness, overwhelm, insomnia and fatigue grow as does the need for medication and coping techniques just to get by.

Book a 60 minute assessment to discuss mental health concerns and to find out how optimising your mind can reduce sub-conscious stress and improve mental health on a lasting basis. 

Greater succcess?

Seemingly unimportant experiences, can create negative beliefs and behaviour patterns that undermine relationships and every aspect of performance. Because they’re well-disguised they are hard to spot and virtually impossible to deconstruct using modern approaches. 

Book a 60 minute assessment to find out how you can optimise your mind to dismantle negative constructs and enjoy greater success personally, and professionally.

A brighter future?

Worrying about the future and what the future MIGHT hold is an exhausting exercise that doesn’t change anything. Understand envisioning and how the future is created and you can start to take control of the present with a view to ensuring life is bright.  

Book a 60 minute assessment to find out how you can optimise your mind to ensure the future’s bigger, better and brighter. 


When conventional training and veterinary approaches don’t work, a fresh outlook and experienced eye can often turn situations around. 

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Helen is based in the historic, coastal town of Llantwit Major, South Wales. She is a short walk from the Cardiff mainline station and a 6 mile drive from Cardiff-Wales International airport. 


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