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Heal and Transform Life

Heal and Transform Life

Scientists say, that if we change our Mental Activity we will think, feel, relate, speak and behave differently. That we can heal ourselves and strengthen our sense of Self. The question is, HOW do you change it?

Native American culture has the answer, offering us the knowledge and systems we need, to make scientifically proven ideas a reality.

What do scientists say about Mental Activity?


Scientists say, Mental Activity generates ENERGY...


that 70% of Mental Activity is NEGATIVE and REDUNDANT...


That's a lot of Negative Energy!


They say that Negative Mental Activity ERODES health and wellbeing...


that it AMPLIFIES fear, anxiety and doubt...


that it RE-ENFORCES bad habits and behaviours...


that it INTERFERES with healing the process...


There is no MEDICAL cure for Negative Mental Activity... 

 But that doesn't mean a SOLUTION doesn't exist.

Is there a way forward?

YES! There is a solution and, surprisingly, one that has existed for hundreds of years.

It’s known as the Native American Way.


"A Miracle Worker"


“Annie Sullivan was once called ‘The Miracle Worker’ in the stage play about her work teaching the blind, deaf and mute Helen Keller. Helen Wingstedt is the miracle worker of our generation”

Denis Campbell, March 2019

Why work the Native American Way?

Modern people have a ‘medical’ reference for health, wellbeing and function. This reference is pill dependant.

If there’s no pill, there’s no cure and your problem persists.

Ancient, Native American culture has a DIFFERENT REFERENCE for health, wellbeing and function that ISN’T pill dependant. When it comes to feeling better and achieving more, this difference makes all the difference in the world.

Why haven’t you heard about it?

The Native American Way of creating positive change is closely guarded by tribal leaders and ‘priests’. It should not be confused with ‘shamanism’; it isn’t mass marketed and you can’t learn it by doing a course.

Specialist training requires specific innate abilities. It is available by invitation, on a mentored basis, over no less than ten years.

What’s different?

Modern and new age approaches involve advice and instruction; they are ‘learning’ based.  The onus is on you to practice what you’re taught if you want life to change and even then, change tends to be minor.

The Native American Way involves enlightenment; the onus is on the Practitioner to formulate change on your behalf. There’s nothing to force or learn and nothing to remember to make it work. It just does.

Change is personalised and targeted. It is achieved in a structured, coaching style format in REAL TIME, during your session.  

Conceptual Medicine

The modern world is waking up to The Native American Way 

A fresh approach

The most powerful transformational platform in the world

A fascinating perspective

Working with natural concepts and animal totems to create positive change